Allow me to first verify what a Life Coaching is not. A Life Coach is not a genie that has suddenly appeared from a magical lamp. It is not someone that will listen to all your sad woes and then give you a golden response that will dissolve all your fears and bestow on you all your wishes in an instant.

A Life Coach is a person that will assist you, in developing yourself, to the person you believe you can be, doing the things you believe, that makes you happy, with results, which you have pre-set and are delighted with. That sentence says a lot. Take a minute to read it again, sit back and think about it for a minute.

Coaching is all about developing natural behaviour preferences, actions, goals and beliefs that empower people to get going, act and achieve true desires and fulfilment.

There could be many areas of one’s life that requires attention:

Career and work


Money and wealth


People interactions

Health and wellbeing

Personal Growth

Life Coaching brings all of these elements into the correct focus and balance.

Life Coaching is not:

Counselling or therapy


Giving advice

Life Coaching is mostly a dialogue that moves someone in the right direction. “it is a purposeful conversation that inspires you to create the life you want”.

It is a structured method to lead people

to be as productively as possible

to devise programs of self development

to create strategies and systematic plans for improvement

to ensure plans and strategies are implemented

to measure progress

The word coach refers to its original use as a vehicle to transport. In essence coaching is the process of taking a person from one place to another.

Life Coaching is a form of coaching. There are many other types of coaching, sport, music, writing, voice etc. Life coaching is a conversational form of coaching. It is the dialogue that assist the coachee to move from one point to another.

Coaching is a natural occurrence and all of us would have coached someone in our lives. Training as a professional coach will teach you to be able to have better results in a shorter time frame.

A life coach uses conversation and processes to ensure the coachee has a positive progression from a position in life to a better position in life. Coaching is not for people that are only broken. The top performers in life have coaches. A coach can make a good person great.

As a coach we are not required to be better than the coachee. A top tennis player uses a coach to become even better. The coach is the catalyst for improvement not a better tennis player. The same regulation applies to all forms of coaching. In fact, the opposite often seems to be true. Good performers are not always capable to coach others.

There are many varied statistics available regarding performance improvement from coaching. The facts are, coaching improves performance, brings balance and assists in a healthier life style.