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Upon successfully finishing the course, you will be awarded two internationally recognized and accredited certificates.

Life Coach

NLP Practitioner

What will you learn on this course:

  • What is NLP.
  • What it really is
  • A short history
  • What is Life Coach
  • What it is not
  • The real benefits
  • Understanding how the human mind works.
  • hat are the differences between conscious and subconscious.
  • How we create mental maps that shapes our thinking
  • Why we sometimes forget things
  • Why we misunderstand basic words often.
  • How our minds decide what fits our perceived reality
  • What are the mental and emotional implications
  • What are statements we accept as true, in order to make sense of things
  • What we really need to know about the subconscious mind
  • How should we learn to listen differently in a coaching session
  • How do we know when to ask a question
  • What are the right questions based on what our clients have said and experienced
  • How to ask a question that brings change in the way we think
  • How do we identify an differentiate between assumptions and excuses and the impact they create on our clients reality.
  • Understanding language patterns
  • arious specialist skills
  • How do we construct our values and the impact “false values ” have on our lives
  • How to create mental pattern interrupts to allow the mind to think differently
  • How to check and confirm clear understanding between client and coach
  • Identifying vague, surface language and knowing how to find the true deeper structure of challenges
  • How to identify the strategies we create and shift destructive strategies to empowering strategies
  • The impact of our thought and decisions on our behaviors and beliefs
  • Client communication
  • How to build great rapport and have easy, open and authentic conversations
  • How to use our own senses to “read” our clients emotional states
  • The various behaviors we as Coaches use that serve us in a coaching session
  • Principles that we as humans can apply to increase our potential of success.
  • All document requirements for before, during and after coaching sessions. Over 40 documents.
  • Deeper into our skills and amazing techniques
  • Understanding the finer distinctions of sensory qualities as perceived by our senses
  • Asking questions in reverse to increase the shift and impact on the clients thought patterns.
  • How to find, identify and clearly understand the first area of clients life they want to improve and change. Knowing exactly what needs to change, accelerates the change.
  • Masterful techniques that can be used to instantly shift clients from negative states into controlled states, where they can make better choices.
  • How to use words and language patterns that speak, not to the logic, but speaks to the deeper subconscious and emotions of the client
  • How to create metaphors and paint pictures of understanding with words
  • Specialist techniques usually only trained at Masters level
  • How to respond and react differently to bullying and criticism
  • How to select specific empowering behaviors and how to install them
  • How to “re-frame” the meaning we often attach to words, feelings and experiences to take us from negative states into empowering states
  • ow to resolve and overcome, internal conflict that often leads to anxiety and stress
  • How to tap into our full set of true skills, abilities, talents and natural gifts.
  • How to break unwanted habits and replace them with better behaviors.
  • How to elicit answers from the clients subconscious to help them find their own solutions that they can achieve
  • Identifying the finer traits we have that shape our motivation and behaviors
  • Dealing with extreme past trauma and memories that we often carry with us for years and it shapes who we become. We teach you how to assist the client to shift the negatives from the past into usable empowerment for their future
  1. Achievement of success
  • How the strategies we create internally function and how we can learn new and better strategies.
  • Understanding and writing personal mission statements
  • learning to think creatively and “out of the box”
  • Understanding goals and how they serve us
  • Strategic thinking and creating achievable goal plans
  • Building goal plan that tick all the boxes, ensuring they are achievable for the client
  • Creating personalized development plans

Your Instructor

Deon Groenewald
Deon Groenewald

Born in 1963 Deon has gathered a wealth of knowledge and has applied it to help thousands of people around the globe.

One of the few true masters in his field with over 10 000 hours coaching and guiding people to a better life.

“We live in the age of information, and that is good, but coaching people to APPLY information is better”


His achievements and huge following over the past 2 decades speak for themselves.

He has created a few empowering courses and has delivered in over 127 countries worldwide.

You will most certainly gain so much knowledge on this course and on completion you will better your own life and influence other people’s lives for the better.

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